来源:靖江市民宗局 Jingjiang Talent Network jointly sacrificed the tombs of martyrs in Weijingjiang and carried out patriotic education on the morning of April 3, when the annual Qingming Festival approached. Before stepping on the stone steps and erecting the monument, all the staff paid silent tribute to the monument of revolutionary martyrs and laid flower baskets and flowers at Jingjiang Forum in Jingxin. Subsequently, everyone came to the martyr’s deeds exhibition hall, looked up to the famous online martyrs recruited by Gejingjiang, listened carefully to the martyr’s heroic deeds, and deeply remembered the great achievements of the revolutionary martyrs. Teachers who attended the sacrificial sweeps said that they should remember history, carry forward national spirit, take revolutionary martyrs as an example, carry forward the fine tradition of patriotism and patriotism, adhere to the direction of Sinicization of religion, adhere to the principle of independence and self-management, and actively promote the adaptation of religion to socialist society. Give full play to the role of bridges and ties of religious groups, and lead religious circles and believers to gather their wisdom and strength to the general goal of “building a beautiful new Jingjiang River” to welcome the 70th birthday of China. Source: Jingjiang Citizens’Zong Bureau

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