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In order to implement in-depth the series of important directives of General Secretary of Xi Jinping on the special struggle against black and evil, we should win the people’s war against black and evil, and lead the high-quality development of Jingjiang City. To create a safe and stable social environment, recently, the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions launched a campaign of “big visits to families” to fight against gangsters and evils. In the activities of

, all the visitors visited Chen Tang and Jingwei villages, which were linked to each other, and distributed a fold-out brochure on the special struggle against black and evil to the masses. The brochure explained in detail the key points of the special struggle against black and evil, listened to the masses’reflection, informed the masses of telephone calls, and encouraged the masses to report and expose the clues related to the recruitment network of Jingjiang, Weijing River, and went to villages one by one.( Ju, Jingjiang talent netizens and people by people investigate the clues involved in evil and black, and try to find out, understand and verify all the black and evil clues.

This visit and propaganda campaign mobilized the enthusiasm of the residents to participate in the special struggle against gangland and evil, increased the awareness and participation of the masses in the special struggle against gangland and evil at the New Jingjiang Forum, encouraged and guided the masses to abide by laws and regulations, promoted righteousness and created a strong social atmosphere for eliminating gangland and evil.

Source: Jinggong Office

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